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Haute Couture Beauty Treatments

Discover a world of tailor-made treatments, dedicated to the beauty of the face, body and hair.

Carita’s artisans of beauty strive for excellence and their perfectly mastered beauty techniques are seamlessly integrated into a unique moment of pleasure and sensual delight. These skin care experts are at the heart of the development process for the protocols (textures, techniques, etc.) and products, in an ongoing drive for precision and performance.

Each treatment is structured around two key dimensions:

Le Rénovateur: The legend

This iconic House of Beauty skin care step was the result of an absolutely original concept. It procures a surprising, inimitable sensation as its initially wet texture transforms into a powder at the rhythm of a slow “draining massage”, leaving a vitamin-infused veil on the skin.

Its Secret: A unique texture – a blend of sunflower seeds and essential oils. It remains the key step in Carita beauty treatments for refining the texture of the skin, boosting its regeneration and providing incomparable radiance.


The alternative to cosmetic surgery and the world’s first ever combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies, for dramatic visible results after just 1 treatment.