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The Legend in Pictures

  • 1913 1913
    Birth of Maria
  • 1914 1914
    Birth of Rosy
  • 1937 1937
    Creation of the first salon, rue de Taur in Toulouse
  • 1943 1943
    The Carita sisters move to Paris and start out as apprentices with Gervais
  • 1945 1945
    Creation of the first Parisian hair salon at 83, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
  • 1951 1951
    Move to the current adivress, at 11 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
  • 1956 1956
    Global beauty takes concrete shape in 2 iconic products: FLUIDE DE BEAUTE 14 and RENOVATEUR
  • 1957 1957
    The Carita sisters revive the fashion for wigs: international fame. Arrival of Christophe Carita
  • 1960 1960
    Revolutionary launch of the first beauty fluids, designed to correct skin imperfections or reveal the radiance of the complexion.
  • 1967 1967
    Opening of CARITA MONSIEUR
  • 1968 1968
    Transformation of 11 Faubourg into a House of Beauty. The 1st Parisian Spa appears
  • 1976 1976
    Birth of the masque biologique in the PROGRESSIF line
  • 1798 1978
    Death of Maria. Christophe CARITA takes over the reins
  • 1983 1983
    Death of Rosy
  • 1986 1986
    CARITA is acquired by the Shiseido Group
  • 1989 1989
    11 Faubourg St Honoré, redesigned by Andrée Putman, is inaugurated in the presence of Mr Fukuhara of the Shiseido group
  • 1991 1991
    Friday 13 September, death of Christophe
  • 1999 1999
    Extension of the Progressif ranges
  • 2006 2006
    Launch of Crème parfaite, which has become a best-seller
  • 2008 2008
    The hair salon moves up in the world to the House of Beauty’s 2nd floor
  • 2011 2011
    CARITA launch at Richard Ward with the exclusive launch of Diamond of Beauty Midnight Concentrate.
  • 2012 2012
    The launch of the first ever CARITA Eau De Parfum.
  • 2013 2013
    CARITA are the first brand to launch a machine in their professional beauty treatments: CINETIC.
  • 2014 2014
    CARITA is acquired by the L’OrÈal Group and joins the Professional Products division.
  • 2015 2015
    Celebrating 70 years of artisan beauty with a collaboration with Courreges for the iconic Fluide De Beaute 14.

Over 60 years ago, Maria and Rosy Carita, two visionary, strong-willed sisters put all of their talent to the service of women’s beauty.

Natives of Toulouse, they did not shy away from overturning conventional ideas, allowing them to become the leading female hairstylists in Paris.

In 1945, they initially set up their salon at 5 rue du Faubourg St Honoré, before creating the legendary setting of The House of Beauty at 11 rue du Faubourg St Honoré.

Very quickly, their creativity and daring led them to collaborate with the young avant-garde fashion designers of the age, the future top names in French Haute Couture. Their expertise and flair won over the stars in search of something new.

The Carita sisters have bequeathed a unique, intact heritage: a beauty brand of international repute, whose conceptual originality lies in the perfect combination of luxury, femininity and the skill of top beauty professionals.