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Introducing three new icons in CARITA’s legendary collection

Introducing three new icons in CARITA’s legendary collection

CARITA is proud to introduce three new additions to its famed FLUIDE DE BEAUTÉ 14 collection. Drawing on our expertise of over 70 years in luxury beauty, the new creations capture the beautifying essence of CARITA’s emblematic dry oil first created by the famous CARITA sisters, Rosy and Maria in 1956 as an ultra-nourishing skin and hair saviour.

Ingredients Focus

Reminiscent of the original FLUIDE DE BEAUTÉ 14 from which they take their name and innovation, MASQUE DE BEAUTÉ 14 and LAIT DE BEAUTÉ 14 leaves skin feeling revitalized and more supple, enriched with:

  • Chicory Root extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Corn Oil
  • Hazelnut Oil
  • Vitamin F
  • Tamarind Extract

In addition the MASQUE DE BEAUTÉ 14 contains Shea Butter, Wild Mango and Mint Leaf extract.


After using MASQUE DE BEAUTÉ 14 100% of testers reported that their skin felt more supple while 95% agreed that their skin felt more nourished with less moisture. 90% of LAIT DE BEAUTÉ 14 users reported a decrease in the feel of dry, ‘tugging’ skin sensation with 100% of users reporting their skin felt softer.

Enriched with the same evocative and uplifting lemon-verbena fragrance as FLUIDE DE BEAUTÉ 14, MASQUE DE BEAUTÉ 14 is best used once or twice a week or whenever skin needs a luxurious hydration boost. LAIT DE BEAUTÉ 14, with its melting luxurious oil texture envelops and cossets skin to leave it feeling supple and comforted. Use daily after your bath or shower and massage over your entire body.