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34 Ash Blonde Hair Looks You'll Want To Try

ash blonde hair
If ash blonde hair was a woman, she most definitely would be a supermodel. We’re obsessed with the cool, matte shade and its ability to flatter every skin tone. Instead of trying dark brown hair or dirty blonde this summer, make a move that’s more unexpected.

Are you thinking of jumping on the ash blonde hair train? Here’s everything you need to know.


What Is Ash Blonde Hair?

The term ash blonde gets thrown around quite a bit in the hair world—but what actually makes ash blonde hair, ashy? Ash hair colors are cool-toned hues with undertones of gray and white. While popular blonde hues like honey and caramel blonde are on the warmer side, ash blonde hair is as cool as can be.


Ash Blonde Hair Ideas

If you’re in need of some ash blonde inspiration, there’s definitely a shade that will work for you. Read on for a few of our favorites.


ash blonde hair

Light Ash Blonde Hair

If you spent your teenage years spray tanning and have never met a blonde hair treatment you didn’t like, then light ash blonde is for you. The cool-toned shade adds near-white and silver notes to your ‘do, updating the bright blonde hair color you’ve held onto for years.


ash blonde hair

Gray Ash Blonde Hair

While we’re on the subject of cutting-edge color trends, let’s talk about gray blonde ash. This shade is one of our favorites for 2019 because it takes an updated approach to the old-lady gray hair that’s been so popular.


ash blonde hair

Holographic Ash Blonde Hair

Hot on the tail of mega-trends like rainbow and pastel hair, holographic strands have hit in a big way. The reflective technique requires hair stylists to hand-paint color onto a glass plate before transferring it to the hair in sections—much like the traditional screen printing process.

The result is a reflective, ashy white-purple mane that’s absolutely jaw-dropping. Summer hair, here we come.


ash blonde hair

White Ash Blonde Hair

Speaking of bright tones, white ash is a shade that’s seen a dramatic uptick in popularity. It’s like the cool girl’s platinum, especially when applied as highlights over dark ash or seen with visible roots.

The contrast between the icy shade and a dark base is striking. All you need is a vampy matte lipstick to complete your Instagram goddess look—you’ll be eager to show this hair color off.


ash blonde hair

Crystal Ash Blonde Hair

When it comes to balayage, we’re fairly obsessed with the shade crystal ash. The color made the rounds of social media last year and involves a gradual transition from medium ash brown to very bright white ash ends.


ash blonde hair

Pearl Ash Blonde Hair

Unlike white ash blonde, this close cousin is about finish rather than shade. Pearl ash is a shimmery, luminescent shade that’s striking against very pale and medium skin tones. This is an ultra-cool silvery hue.


ash blonde hair

Platinum Ash Blonde Hair

While white ash blonde hair is often seen in highlights, ombre, and balayage, platinum ash is striking as a full head of hair. It’s not often we recommend a single shade for the entire head, but this stunning color is the grand exception to the rule.

It’s key to keep platinum as bright and cool as possible, so make sure you’ve thoroughly noted your stylist’s hair care instructions before getting up from the salon chair.


ash blonde hair

Dark Ash Blonde Hair

We call this shade dark ash blonde, but you also may know it as light ash brown. There’s very little difference between the shades, which combine a beige-y nutmeg base with light ash top notes.


ash blonde hair

Dirty Ash Blonde Hair

Gross name, we know, but dirty ash blonde is a surprisingly wearable color. Like dark ash blonde, it brings in medium brown influences while still maintaining pristine coolness. It’s a shade made for medium and medium-dark skin tones.


ash blonde hair

Ash Blonde Hair Balayage

One of the reasons ash blonde hair is so flattering is its ability to play nicely with almost any other hair color. For that reason, ash blonde makes a fantastic balayage color. As a hand-painted highlight all over the head, ash blonde adds serious high points to your mane.


ash blonde hair

Strawberry Ash Blonde Hair

This ultra-cool hue combines a light red with ash blonde, creating a rich blonde that’s made for fair and medium skin. Because it’s such a stunner, we love this look for all hair lengths and textures.


ash blonde hair

Blue-Tinted Ash Blonde Hair

If you’ve experience bleach-related hair damage and are trying to salvage what’s left of your hair with a lobpastel blue is the way to go.


ash blonde hair

Pink-Tinted Ash Blonde Hair

You thought we were just going to leave it at a single pastel shade? Not a chance. This cool rose shade is all the best parts of the pastel trend, without any of the harsh neon hair color influence.


ash blonde hair

Chocolate Ash Blonde Hair

Bright blonde hair isn’t for everyone, especially those who like cool-toned hair. In that case, we love the look of chocolate blonde ash.


ash blonde hair

Brown Ash Blonde Hair

If you’re thinking of giving this shade a try, make sure your stylist places a few bright highlights throughout for maximum movement and depth.


ash blonde hair

Honey Ash Blonde Hair

Like a speck of white on a painting, a bright honey blonde hair color creates the illusion that there’s more depth to your hair than really exists. The takeaway? Your hair will look thicker without any extra work.


ash blonde hair

Golden Blonde Ash Blonde Hair

As with all very light hair colors, golden ash blonde hair requires regular maintenance to stay bright. If you’re a blonde veteran, that’s no added inconvenience for you.


ash blonde hair

Ash Blonde Hair Ombre

If you’re looking for a sleek way to try out a new color, ash blonde ombre is the best hair shade we know.


ash blonde hair

Smokey Ash Blonde Hair

When blended with ashy blonde, the shade becomes a moody smoky hair color that’s unforgettable.


ash blonde hair

Ash Blonde Hair With Honey Highlights

Instead of just going honey, ask your stylist for an ash blonde shade that just barely includes hints of honey throughout. You’ll get a stunning, reflective shade.


ash blonde hair

Ash Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Are you in the market for ashy blonde hair, but not sold on any of the standard shades? Let us introduce you to pastel blue, your new best friend.


ash blonde hair

Ash Blonde Hair With Brown Lowlights

If you’re hoping to go lighter for summer but aren’t sold on a full head of blonde, brown lowlights are the right choice for you. It’s modern and chic without becoming excessive. It also looks picture-perfect framing tan or dark skin.


ash blonde hair

Rose Gold Ash Blonde Hair

Fact: We are truly and utterly obsessed with rose gold ash blonde hair. Second fact: We very rarely see people actually wearing it. If you’re interested in being a follicular rebel, then rose gold is the right shade for you.


ash blonde hair

Champagne Ash Blonde Hair

If you’re thinking of going champagne, we recommend you try it first in combination with light or dark ash. This color is a statement, so make sure you love it before fully committing.


ash blonde hair

Ash Blonde Hair On Fair Skin

On fair skin, ash blonde is summer-appropriate and totally beachy.


ash blonde hair

Ash Blonde Hair On Tan Skin

Whether you have medium skin or have just been spending a lot of time in the sun, you’ll love the way ash blonde hair color looks against your skin color.


ash blonde hair

Ash Blonde Hair On Dark Skin

Against dark skin, ash blonde is striking and modern.


ash blonde hair

Ash Blonde Hair On Olive Skin

Make the most of olive skin with a customized ash shade.


ash blonde hair

Long Ash Blonde Hair

Let those ash inches flow, baby.


ash blonde hair

Ash Blonde Hair With Brown Highlights

When paired with a light ash ombre or balayage treatment, the shade becomes an accessible way to take ash a little darker while remaining a blonde.


ash blonde hair

Cool Ash Blonde Hair

We recommend this shade to the ladies who already have some experience maintaining brass-free locks. To keep cool ash looking fresh, you should be ready to commit to a full hair care routine.


ash blonde hair

Caramel Ash Blonde Hair

Trade your dark strands for a flattering caramel shade.


ash blonde hair

Short Ash Blonde Hair

Ash isn’t only good for long hair. Short bobs look lovely with it, as well.


ash blonde hair

Fringe With Ash Blonde Hair

 Why not try a fringe with your ashy hair color?


How To Get Ash Blonde Hair

Ready to delve deep into ash blonde hair color? It’s important to note: Ash blonde is best achieved by seasoned colorist. That’s why we recommend hitting the salon and leaving your ash blonde dreams to a pro.

To achieve ash blonde hair, your colorist will need to use bleach to completely lighten your hair before applying your ash-blonde hue. Bleach will always cause damage, but the right colorist will ensure that your mane looks and feels it’s best before leaving the salon. Your colorist will likely recommend getting hair glosses and toners between appointments to keep your ashy strands brass-free.


How To Care For Ash Blonde Hair

Your ash blonde hue won’t stay icy and cool-toned without the proper hair care routine. That’s why it’s essential to stock up on hair products formulated for color-treated hair. Begin with a shampoo like the Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Lumiere Shampoo. It intensely hydrates fiber and removes impurities to illuminate hair.

To fight off any unwanted brassiness, you’ll also want to invest in a purple shampoo. We recommend the Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Shampoo for lightened, cool blonde, or grey hair.

If your ash blonde strands are feeling the damaging effects of bleach, incorporate a weekly hair treatment like the Kérastase Blond Absolu Cicaflash into your routine. The product instantly restores, softens, and protects hair from breakage.


How Would I Look With Ash Blonde Hair?

Do these icy, cool shades have you wondering how you’d look with ash blonde hair? If you’re hoping to take ash-blonde for a no-commitment spin, try it out using one of our favorite virtual hair color makeover apps.

For customized ash blonde hair color, use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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