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Calling All Aquarians: This Is Your Hair Horoscope For 2019

woman with turquoise ombre hairstyle
For as long as we can remember, horoscopes have helped us navigate nearly every aspect of our lives. From finding the perfect partner to the landing the best job, it seems like the answer to our problems always lies in the stars.When it comes to our dire hair struggles and concerns, however, we can’t help but feel left abandoned. Trying to decipher what color, cut, or style best suits you is no easy feat—that is, until now. Hair horoscopes are finally making us feel understood. 

This month, we’re looking to the skies to gather the best looks for the water-bearers of the world. We’re talking to you, Aquarius. Known for your original, independent, and creative characteristics, these Aquarius zodiac hairstyles are totally in line with your sign and can help rid you of your hair uncertainties. 

If your birthday falls between January 20 to February 18, skip the traditional dark brown hair ideas and keep reading because these styles may be in your foreseeable future. 

What Aquarius zodiac hairstyle should you try?

zodiac hairstyles turquoise


You’re probably most familiar with the amethyst being your designated gemstone. However, it’s said that the turquoise stone also brings good luck to those born between January and February. To create all the right vibes this birthday season, try an all-over turquoise hair color for a look that’s equally gorgeous and in-line with your sign. 


zodiac hairstyles mullet


There’s nothing that bothers an Aquarian more than a boring experience. With a constant need to explore and try new things, getting an asymmetrical mullet couldn’t be more fitting for this sign. 


zodiac hairstyles five buns

Five Buns 

Aquarians are some of the most original and innovative thinkers, so take your knack for novelty and apply it to your mane. This five-bun hairstyle is a completely unique take on a traditional bun hairstyle. Not only will you stay true to your desire to go against the norm, but you’ll start a new trend everyone will want to try. 

zodiac hairstyles wash and go


Even though others may associate Aquarius with water, we know your real sign lies in the wind. As a natural born air sign, allow your mane and your element to come together to create the perfect ‘do. Let your hair air dry after your shower for a stunning and low-effort look that embraces your natural texture. 

If you want to avoid unnecessary frizz, use an air dry product like the Matrix Air Dry Chill Boho Smoothing Cream. It’s formulated to help smooth the hair for a lightweight, frizz-controlled finish. 


zodiac hairstyles turquoise blue with warm tones

Turquoise Blue Mixed With Warm Tones

Satisfy your rebellious tendencies and go against the grain by combining two contrasting colors within your mane. Mix cool tones with warm peekaboo highlights to create a look that’s unexpectedly stunning. 


zodiac hairstyles three way braid

Three-Way Braid 

Dear Aquarius, it’s time to get in touch with your inner stylist and experiment with these multifaceted braids. While they appear intricate and complex, don’t get discouraged. With your inherent creativity and grit, we have faith you’ll figure it out in no time. 

Pro tip: After you’ve created your standard French braid using the bottom half of your hair, you’ll need to use the rest of your hair to create a three strand infinity braid. It’ll take you a bit of time, but the results are worth every minute. 


zodiac hairstyles amethyst


Bright purple hair is definitely not for the faint of heart—which is exactly why it’s perfect for you. It’s vibrant and versatile, meaning you’ll never get lost in the masses or get bored with your styling options.


zodiac hairstyles beachy waves and a waterfall braid

Beachy Waves and Waterfall Braid 

Despite being an air sign, it’s no coincidence that the water-bearer is the official symbol for Aquarians. The same way water gives life to all living things, Aquarians are known to jump at every opportunity to give back to the world around them. That’s why these beachy waves paired with a flowing waterfall braid are symbolic to these humble humanitarians. 


zodiac hairstyles free falling waves

Free Falling Waves

For a hairstyle that embodies your free-spirit and need for expression, cut loose and let your hair down. No need to worry about maintenance, because these beautiful free-falling waves are the perfect way to simply be free. 


zodiac hairstyles messy bun

Messy Bun 

Loyalty is the key to an Aquarian’s heart.  While we can’t say the same goes for your love life, we promise this dependable look will fulfill your need for loyalty. Equally easy and chic, you can always count on a messy bun to be there for you through sickness and in health. 

We hope that through these styles we’ve captured your true essence, Aquarius. However, we won’t be offended if you add your own creative twist. After all, dabbling in eccentricity is where you thrive. 

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